Your Playbook For Progress

The Progress Playbook

So, I am sure many of you have driven a nail into a board before.  Well, you know in order to effectively finish the job you have to consistently hit the nail on the head.  If you just tap it occasionally, you may eventually have success but it will take a much longer time to drive it if you succeed at all.  In our online business, or any other venture for that matter, being consistent with our efforts is the key to success. 

In my training with Dean Holland, he reminded me the other day of how important it is to outline my plan and stay consistent.  First and foremost, we must define when we will work on our business.  Most of us have a “day job” at this point in our journey and if not, certainly other busy aspects of real life.  It is important to decide when in our daily routine will we set aside the time to develop our business.  Perhaps you can work a bit in the early morning, for some the evenings after our day job is the time to do it, or possibly you have breaks in your routine when you can focus.  For me, I have a varied schedule so sometimes I may be working at one or all of these times in the day.  The most important thing to remember is to define when you will put in the work and follow through daily.

One of your daily tasks is to work on your traffic generation plan.  Remember the traffic is already out there floating around the internet, we just need to hone our skills at directing that traffic to our funnel, blog sites, etc.

Track Your Results

So now that you have your daily plan together, it is important to keep track of the results you’re getting.  If you just blindly go out about your traffic strategy but have no idea what does and doesn’t work, what’s the point?  Within the Internet Profits Group, we have our daily tracking sheets which need to be filled out daily.  I’ve been very consistent with this but what I haven’t been doing is submitting my results monthly to Dean and the team.  No excuses, I’ve just dropped the ball on this.

I realize now how important it is to send these reports in to the team at the first of every month so the “experts” can tell me what is and isn’t working.  Next step, take in their feedback and put it to good use.  Afterall, I signed up with Dean and became a certified partner because I knew basically nothing about Affiliate Marketing and wanted and needed their guidance.  Now I am committed to sending these reports in every month so I can be better guided by Dean.

Stay Committed And Consistent

Just like going to the gym, you have to get your “reps” in.  Now that you have your times set up, your strategy in place and your tracking and feedback, you must use the feedback and remain vigilant.  Some days will be easy, some won’t, but we have to be committed to our end goals with our business and stay consistent with our efforts.  NO DAYS OFF!

Well, not totally true.  Of course you need downtime but my point is, institute your plan, track your results and ask for feedback.  Then, use that feedback to make adjustments when necessary.  Once, this is in place, stay the course and be consistent in your efforts every day.


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