Your Ad Account Is Disabled

My Ad Account Is Disabled

Sounds bad right? I thought so too, especially since I didn’t do anything to violate advertising policies.  I was having a bit of lunch today and checked my email on my phone.  I had two emails from Meta for Business, one was an ad receipt and the other was a notification stating my account was disabled and I was unable to advertise.  HMMMM!

I have received “spam” notifications via Facebook messenger several times before basically saying my ad violated policies, if I wanted to inquire as to why or avoid my ad being taken down I had to click on the link and contact the proper people.  Of course, a little investigating proved this to be a scam trying to bait me into clicking a link.  Naturally when I saw the emails today I was a little suspicious but when I returned home and logged into my ads manager within Meta, there was a couple of notifications verifying my ad account was in fact disabled.  Now obviously, if you’re trying to grow an online or affiliate marketing business using paid ads, this is a big issue to say the least.  I was very frustrated and honestly began to question if this is all worth it or not.  I mean, if one of my main traffic generation methods is paid Facebook ads, I don’t do anything wrong and they simply decide to disable my account, what am I supposed to do.  Thankfully I took a break, sent my appeal in all worked out.

The Play Is Under Further Review

Maybe I watch to much sports but I had to add that as the headline.  After reading and then re-reading my emails, reaching out into the certified partners community for advice and reading through my notifications in Meta, I simply requested a review.  The response said it could take up to 48 hours for them to have a look and get back to me.  Of course this was not what I wanted to hear seeing as to how I spend about $300 per month for these ads and two days is a long time in this business.

To much my surprise, within about 20 minutes, I received an email apologizing for the mistake and my ad was “reinstated”.  I of course could then breathe a sigh of relief and immediately logged in to Meta and verified that my ad was in fact active again.

Be Vigilant

I make this post so that maybe it can help someone else out having similar issues.  The point is, even though you think everything is working as it should, it would be easy to overlook something like this.  Your ad is posted and seemingly no issues are present.  Maybe you get busy with other things and haven’t checked your leads center or ads manager section lately.  Maybe you haven’t checked in with your autoresponder in a couple of days.

Automation is great and technology is wonderful, but we still have to be vigilant and check in on our assets we have in place.  Much like being a supervisor and watching over your employees, we must always check up on our “employees” in the online world to make sure all is clicking as it should.

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