Which “Hard” Are You Choosing?

So….Which “Hard” Are You Going To Pick?

Seems at times nothing is easy.  Whenever we set out on a new venture we have choices to make.  Whether we are starting a new business, settling into a new fitness program or simply making any lifestyle change, we have to choose our path.

Being unfit and unhealthy is hard, getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle is hard.  Being poor is hard, being financially stable and responsible is hard.  Working diligently at developing your business is hard, choosing to ignore your duties and then complaining about not seeing results is hard.

The key point to note is, which “hard” are you going to focus on?

Choose Your Path

I hear so many of my fellow Affiliate Marketers getting frustrated with their results, or lack thereof.  I too have found myself getting frustrated at times and ready to throw in the towel.  We need to remind ourselves that we can take too many days off, put off working on our blogs, our social media traffic generators or even tracking our paid ad results but if we do this and choose this path it will be hard.

It may seem easy at the moment but when we don’t get the results we want and don’t see any commissions, it can be very hard in a number of ways.  If we make ourselves stick to the plan, put in the work each day and remain focused, that can be hard as well.  But hard work pays off.  Once we begin to see the fruits of our labor, that puts a smile on your face, you start to work harder and make more $$$$$$! Once, the money comes in then that path you’re on doesn’t seem so hard after all.

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

I’ve heard this so many times in my life.  It’s true too, I think it is human nature to take the path of least resistance.  The whole point of this blog post is to maybe help someone realize that while you think it is easiest to just give up, not put in the work you’re really choosing the hard path.

Keep going, keep working at growing your business, keep going to the gym and you will begin seeing results.  Once those results roll in your motivation steps up, your drive kicks in and that hard path you took suddenly gets more fun and that path isn’t that hard.

Choose wisely!




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