What Stage Are You At?

So What Stage Are You At With Your Business?

Starting a business, or any other venture for that matter, can be daunting to say the least.  So many things in life go through stages.  Grief, depression, success and so on.  The hardest part can be getting past those early stages.

So where do you find yourself? Are you at the I Won’t Do It stage where you just don’t have the motivation to take that first step? Maybe you’re at the I Can’t Do It stage where you basically self sabotage.  Some of us get stuck at the I Want To Do It stage which of course leads us to the How Do I Do It stage.  This is where joining a mentor like Dean Holland and the Internet Profits Group as a certified partner becomes priceless.

Once you see how your success is possible, you tend to move onto the I Will Try To Do It stage.  Here, your confidence may still be wavering but with support and effort you will move on to the I Can Do It stage.  At this stage your confidence is growing and you begin to see just what may be possible.  I believe this is possibly the most important stage.  Once you make the mindset change to I CAN do it, you will also develop the mindset of the I Will Do It stage.

So What Is The Goal?

The goal is of course to get to the stage of Yes, I Did It!! It is very easy to simply talk ourselves out of doing something in the beginning.  Change is scary, the process may seem overwhelming and intimidating.  We all have a certain desire to accomplish more, make a change, start something new but, not all of us have the determination or support to advance through the various stages of becoming successful.

If you’re wanting to start a business, make a lifestyle change or whatever, it is important to focus on the ultimate goal, stay the course and effectively move yourself through the various stages.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  I’ve heard that many times in my life and it is so true.  Some stages are easier than others but to be successful, you must focus on the next stage and not get discouraged when you come to the inevitable road blocks along your path.

Remember, keep going at your own pace and you will eventually get to adopt the mindset of I can, I will and eventually, I did it!!

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    1. Hey Kate,
      Thank you so much! Definitely a learning process and hopefully I can learn a bit from you. Your blog is very informative and I enjoy the content very much. One step at a time and we will succeed.

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