Slow It Down and Go At Your Own Pace

Go At Your Own Pace, Just Don’t Ever Stop

Do you ever create unwarranted stress because you are too focused on comparing your results to others or try to “jump ahead” to the next steps in your training?

Me too! As I have been going through my training within Internet Profits Group, I find that I get a bit too motivated at times and start thinking, “what’s next” and start looking ahead to the next steps before we have been introduced to them in our training.  This generates stress for me and causes frustration and anxiety.  What I have been doing is to remind myself to slow down, wait on the next bit of training, and follow the instructions from Dean Holland.

Another way we tend to create this stress is to compare our progress with others in the group.  You may look at someone and say to yourself, “they have more leads than me, or they are several steps ahead so why bother”.  DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!  

We all go at our own pace.  Someone may have more time in the day to dedicate to their training or developing their business.  Not everyone is the same “tech savvy” so don’t focus on them, do your thing and success will follow.

Affiliate System

When I began this journey, I signed up with the Internet Profits Group, trained and became a certified partner and then joined a group within the group, Accelerator Pro.  Lots of learning.

Now we, as partners, have been offered our Affiliate System.  Basically, this is a one stop shop to build websites, blog, use webinars for clients and so much more.  This system can replace programs such as Builderall if you desire as well as your autoresponder.  It truly is a fantastic tool.

I am so grateful to be involved with my group as they have essentially walked us through steps to get everything set up and continue to do so.  I don’t how it would get done without the support from this great team.  This is only available to us at the moment, however, in the next few months, we will be able to offer these services to the public so they can use this system to build and grow their business, in whatever niche they are involved in.

Slow Down, Go At Your Own Pace, Just Don’t Stop

As great as this system is, it has been a little stressful for me.  Mostly by my own doing.  I get stressed when I have trouble with the tech part of it and also focus too far ahead in my training.  This gets my mind racing trying to figure it all out before I have been trained.

We all have our own ways to deal with stress, mine, as I said, is too tell me self to slow it down and go at my own pace.  I encourage all of you to focus on your progress only, don’t compare accomplishments against others and remember, go at your own pace, just don’t ever stop and success will come.

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