Remember To Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing

Remember To Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing

If you’re like me, it’s easy to so engrossed, so laser focused in your work that you forget to take care of certain things.  Maybe you lose track of time and forget to eat, feed the dogs, or even forget to interact with family or friends.

It’s easy to do.  Years ago a colleague of mine told me, “remember to keep the “MAIN THING, the MAIN THING”.  Basically he was saying don’t lose sight of what is most important in your life, FAMILY.  Family is the MAIN THING. We can get so wrapped up in what we are doing we can lose focus of what truly is the most important parts of our lives. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible thing to be very focused on the task at hand, in fact, if you want to do it right, pay attention to all the details and do the job right.  If you were having an operation you would certainly want the surgeon intently focused on that and not distracted by outside influences wouldn’t you?  My “normal” (and that’s a stretch), job as an airline pilot most definitely requires me to remain engaged with the current situation.

Can’t You Take At Least One Day Off??

My 8 year old son said those words to me last night.  Can’t you take at least one day off? You see, I have been intently working on our new Affiliate System within the Internet Profits Group to set up workflows, triggers, domains and sub domains, funnels, etc.  This past week has been particularly busy.

After another busy day of staring into the computer screen to set up my online business promoting , I sat down last night on the couch next to my son when he asked a question that sort of took me back a second.

When asked that question, I had a bit of a puzzled look and told him, “well we have to pay our bills so I have to go to work”.  Then I asked, “do you mean my job where I go fly the airplane”? He replied, “no, where you sit at your computer all day.  Can’t you take one day off”? I asked him what we would do since it was a snow day from school and replied, “we could just spend time together and play some games”.

Honestly, I was sort of heartbroken over this.  I had been so focused on building my business up, I had forgotten to take care of his basic needs of affection and was definitely not keeping the MAIN THING in focus.

A Time And Place For Everything

So, will just abandon my work on my developing my business, of course not.  Tomorrow morning we have another coaching call with Dean Holland and will receive our “homework” for the next week.  This homework consists of a series of step by step videos that walk us through installing various things into our affiliate system to build our funnels, etc.

I will also continue to post social media vides, get better at blogging and hopefully getting that blog out there for people to see.  I will also designate times during the day to step away from the computer and focus on myself and my family.  I may play with the dogs, catch up on laundry, call my wife or just chill out with the kids.

I have been working tirelessly to build this business up on my days off from my “day job” and will of course continue to work hard as I’m sure all of you will.  I encourage each of you to take a break, step back and remember to always KEEP THE MAIN THING, THE MAIN THING!

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