My Second, First Post

My Second…..First Post, yes you heard that right

So, round two I suppose.  When I first started in Affiliate Marketing one of the methods I chose to get leads was a blog.  Mind you, I have never done a blog and frankly not sure exactly what I am doing but, hey, here goes.  I said that my plan with this blog is to use it as my “diary”, my story as I navigate the world of Affiliate Marketing. The ups and the downs.

I joined Internet Profits group and became a certified partner gaining a large support group and incredible team that has my back in every step.  After joining, I invested some more $$$ and joined the “Pro” program where essentially everything was designed for me to succeed with my sales system.

Such as life, things change constantly and within the group we now have a new “software suite” as I call it.  Now I am merging everything into that and for that reason my blog is starting all over.  All good things.

So Now What??

Well, I now have my site merged into our suite and will start again to chronicle my path as a newbie in all of this.  I have two methods of lead generation.  One paid method, Facebook lead ads and two organic or “free” methods.  The free methods are of course this, blog and Tik Tok.

Through these two methods I hope to share what I am doing, what roadblocks I encounter and how I overcome those obstacles.  With any luck, my story will help others trying their hand at online success and I hope to gain support and assistance from you as well.

So paid methods are of course just that, you pay to gain leads somehow.  Could be email buys, “solo ads”, social media ads, YouTube or Facebook “lead ads” as I am doing.  SO MANY OPTIONS!! The beauty of paid lead generation is it is always working, even when you aren’t.  How cool is that? The downside is of course you have to set your budget and pay $$$$.

The “free” method isn’t totally free either.  You pay with your time and effort.  A lead may land in your inbox and from there, it’s up to you to create the “relationship” with that lead.  Through all of this it’s been a bit of a learning curve for someone like me.  Installing websites, pages, autoresponders, servers and so on and so on.  Thankfully being a certified partner in Internet Profits group has been priceless and the training from my mentor in all of this, Dean Holland, has me set up for success.

The Steps Ahead

Needless to say this is a daily adventure.  I continue to monitor my leads going to my sales system .  Check it out and you can click to receive your copy of The Iceberg Effect book.  On the other hand, I try to post a Tik Tok video daily, or at least every couple of days updating progress and sharing thoughts.  Still getting used to this, I hate seeing myself on camera. 😉

I will continue to update via this blog on a weekly basis with the hopes of gaining feedback from the many of you out there chasing similar dreams.  And somewhere along the way maybe I can offer some advice from my trials in this process.

Check back soon, keep reading and offering advice and until next time, Cheers!!

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