Focus On Your Path, Not How Quickly You Travel On It

Your Path Is More Important Than Your Speed

A wise man once said that “direction is more important than speed”.  I heard this quote and it stuck with me.  So, what exactly does this mean?  Well, no matter what we are going through or trying to accomplish, we have to choose a direction to go in.  For me right now I am focusing on my Affiliate Marketing business and which path I need to follow to reach my goals.  For you, maybe it’s the same, or possibly a lifestyle change, a new job or relationship.  In any of these scenarios, we choose a path or direction to reach an end goal.

We all need to move at our own pace and not compare ourselves to others.  Some may be 4 steps ahead, others lagging behind.  The important thing is to focus on our own path, one step at a time, and never lose sight of our goal.  So, why is that path more important than the speed at which we travel it? If we are on the wrong path, not focused on what we are wanting to achieve, it doesn’t really matter how fast we progress because in the end, we are just further away from what we wanted to accomplish in the first place.  We will find ourselves in the wrong place a lot faster than we thought.

My Path In Affiliate Marketing

I started my path with the Internet Profits Group and my trusted mentor Dean Holland about 5 months ago.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect or how I was going to do with this but so far I have learned so much about building this online business and hopefully developing multiple revenue streams using the Affiliate System we have as certified partners under Dean’s direction.

One thing that has stuck out to me is the focus we must have on our goal and not to make the mistake of chasing every shiny object out there.  I won’t lie, some days are tough.  Some days I get discouraged, unmotivated and just flat out doubt myself.  When this happens I re-set my thoughts and remember the PATH I chose to reach my goal.  I must say, Dean and the other members in our group are a tremendous help with this and it is invaluable on my journey to success.

So, when I focus on my direction or path, I have to remember to slow down and take it one step at a time.  If I, or we, lose focus and start down the wrong path, it really doesn’t matter how quickly that wrong path is travelled.  In the end, I would be lost and confused at the end of my path wondering how I got there so quickly.  This is why the path or direction we choose is so much more important than speed.

Path Over Speed

From day one of my journey in this business, Dean and I formulated a plan to get to my dream of becoming my own boss.  There are many aspects of this business but for now I am primarily focused on promoting free book.  This is Dean’s blueprint for success.  Working with Dean and the other coaches and members in the Certified Partner group, I am always reminded to choose my path wisely, focus on that path and go at my own pace.

No matter what you are going through, trying to accomplish or starting over, stay the course, stay focused and choose your direction wisely.  Once, you set your goal and choose that path to success, remain laser focused.  Success will indeed find you.  Just remember, YOUR DIRECTION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPEED!

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