Focus On What You Can Control

Focus On What You Can Control

Since I have started this journey into Affiliate Marketing, I have learned quite a bit.  Things I have never heard of, attempted and so on.  As with anything new, there are setbacks, frustration, and sometimes discouragement.  I have encountered all of these and as I reflect on my steps so far and what I want to accomplish in 2024, I recall something I read a few years ago.

The excerpt from the book written by a Navy Seal describes a time during his training when he had a setback and the advice he got is something he uses in his mindset today.  The Seal was climbing a sheer rock face when suddenly he froze.  He was doing fine until he began to look around and realized how high up the cliff he was, how far he may fall and forgot about the task at hand to get to the top.

He then heard the instructor quickly ascending the rock who stopped next to him.  He said you’re focusing on the distractions and not what can help you.   He said, “stay in your 3 foot world”.  None of those distractions can help you now, what can help you in all within 3 feet of you.  The next foot hold, or hand hold.  Those are what can help you to the top.

The What Ifs

Whether you are starting a business, a new routine, dealing with family issues, it’s easy to think about the potential failures, what others may think of you, what if this is all for nothing.  As I said before, my start into Affiliate Marketing has not been completely smooth.  I’ve had a few distractions, wondering if I had made a mistake, will it be worth it and so on.

I have much encouragement from our partners group and my mentor Dean Holland.  Through all of those negative thoughts I have remembered to stay focused on the things that I can control right now, keep my eye on the main goal and take it one step at a time.

Stay In Your 3 Foot World

I think we all need to step back at times, focus on what we can control and not let the distractions get the best of us.  As I go through starting this business I will continue to remind myself of this quote when I start to get discouraged, stressed or even scared.  I urge everyone who may read this to remember this as well.  My mentors’ book, The Iceberg Effect, illustrates this philosophy as well.  What Dean Holland did to stay the course is inspirational and his success story is incredible.

Please leave a comment if you will of any methods you use to regroup and re-focus when things aren’t going as easy as you would like.

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