Expose Yourself!!

Expose Yourself!! No……Not In That Way!

Trust me, exposing yourself can be a bad thing, but getting exposure to YOU is a good thing, at least in what we’re trying to accomplish.  As I think of all the things I have learned developing my business, building sites, funnels, installing plug ins, setting up this blog, etc. I realize I need to master how to deploy all of these assets.

What is our end goal? It’s to drive traffic, get leads and hopefully earn customers right? So, while we have all of these assets on hand to do just that, how do we effectively get people to notice us? To even know we are there, have a blog, a social media page, podcast and so on.  I am using my socials and blog to promote by Dean Holland.  If I can’t promote myself and my assets, I can’t effectively promote anything else.

Be Your Own Promotion Specialist

So how do we go about this promoting to gain exposure? Well, for the most part it’s about consistency.  We have to provide content that provides some sort of benefit to our audience and deliver it in a reliable, consistent manner.

If you want to get your blog in front of as many people as possible, search affiliate marketing blogs, or online business blogs.  You will find a number of links where you can read and engage in blogs by those in your niche market.  I suggest you engage these posts, leave comments, provide feedback and encourage them to follow your posts.  It’s called blog hopping.  It’s also important to post your blog across as many social media sites as you can promoting your blog site.

The same practices should be in place for your social’s, podcasts, YouTube page, etc.  One of my biggest issues is finding relevant information to relay, or at least I think so.  It is important no matter what method you’re using or what exactly it is you need to say, be consistent with it.  Some days it is hard to come up with information people may need or want but if you are seen every day, delivering some content, you will gain the audience you seek over time.

Just F@#king Do It Already!

I have to tell myself that often.  Some days I think to myself, I don’t have anything to say, nobody cares, will anyone see my content or care?? Maybe, maybe not, but I know that I have all of these assets taught to me by Dean Holland, I have a strong support group within the Internet Profits Group, I just have to deploy them and do it consistently.

Just writing a blog post, making a Tik Tok video or whatever else it is you’re doing isn’t enough.  You MUST be your biggest cheerleader.  Sell yourself, your brand so that you can then sell your products.  Some days you may not be feeling it, may feel like you don’t have a great deal to offer but get your content out there, promote it via social media sites, blog hopping or whatever you have to do in order to get your content if front of as many people as possible.

Be your biggest promoter, biggest fan and biggest cheerleader you can, sell yourself and your content and you will gain a following and be able to drive traffic and make sales.


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