Avoid Every Shiny New Object

Don’t Chase Every Shiny New Object

As I’ve said before, I want to share with you my journey into Affiliate Marketing.  My mentor, Dean Holland, has told me that one of the biggest DON’Ts is to avoid every shiny new object that comes along.

So what are these “shiny objects” you may ask.  No doubt as you’ve researched your options you have found many sales systems, mentoring programs, methods to add leads and so on.  We know there are two main traffic strategies, paid and organic, and even within these there are many options we can choose.

Paid options offer, lead ads, solo ads, Google Adwords, Youtube and so on.  Same can be said for organic options. The important point to remember is to focus on one thing and perfect that one, don’t bounce all around looking for the next best thing.  Don’t be, as they say, “a jack of all trades, master of none.”

Don’t Chase That Lure

If you’re at all familiar with fishing you know that you can drop a lure into the water and attract the fish.  Why does the fish repeatedly chase that lure? It’s all bright and shiny and is the next “big” thing.  The lure may have a bright shiny spinning piece of metal, brightly colored feathers or streamers or sparkles.

The fish will strike the lure repeatedly daily, weekly or whatever thinking it is food and it is the best option in that given time.  We, as entrepreneurs, can behave much like the fish.  When the s#@t hits the fan and concerns or discouragement sets in, it’s easy to give up and chase the next bright, shiny “lure” that comes along in the form a new way to attract business.

Narrow Your Focus 

So why is it so bad to “keep options open” and chase the next big thing? Well, if you merely try one method of advertising, one mentor program, throw money and effort at it and then when the first sign of adversity hits you jump ship, you will never get better.

You are going to get frustrated and stuck at times.  Pick your main paid lead generation method and your main organic method.  Be laser focused each day on working at these methods and you will get better each and every week.

If you jump around from one shiny lure to another you will be chasing your tail.  Develop your plan, seek help from your mentor, partner group, etc. and stay focused on your goals.  Don’t chase every shiny new object.

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