Which “Hard” Are You Choosing?

So….Which “Hard” Are You Going To Pick?

Seems at times nothing is easy.  Whenever we set out on a new venture we have choices to make.  Whether we are starting a new business, settling into a new fitness program or simply making any lifestyle change, we have to choose our path.

Being unfit and unhealthy is hard, getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle is hard.  Being poor is hard, being financially stable and responsible is hard.  Working diligently at developing your business is hard, choosing to ignore your duties and then complaining about not seeing results is hard.

The key point to note is, which “hard” are you going to focus on?

Choose Your Path

I hear so many of my fellow Affiliate Marketers getting frustrated with their results, or lack thereof.  I too have found myself getting frustrated at times and ready to throw in the towel.  We need to remind ourselves that we can take too many days off, put off working on our blogs, our social media traffic generators or even tracking our paid ad results but if we do this and choose this path it will be hard.

It may seem easy at the moment but when we don’t get the results we want and don’t see any commissions, it can be very hard in a number of ways.  If we make ourselves stick to the plan, put in the work each day and remain focused, that can be hard as well.  But hard work pays off.  Once we begin to see the fruits of our labor, that puts a smile on your face, you start to work harder and make more $$$$$$! Once, the money comes in then that path you’re on doesn’t seem so hard after all.

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

I’ve heard this so many times in my life.  It’s true too, I think it is human nature to take the path of least resistance.  The whole point of this blog post is to maybe help someone realize that while you think it is easiest to just give up, not put in the work you’re really choosing the hard path.

Keep going, keep working at growing your business, keep going to the gym and you will begin seeing results.  Once those results roll in your motivation steps up, your drive kicks in and that hard path you took suddenly gets more fun and that path isn’t that hard.

Choose wisely!




Your Ad Account Is Disabled

My Ad Account Is Disabled

Sounds bad right? I thought so too, especially since I didn’t do anything to violate advertising policies.  I was having a bit of lunch today and checked my email on my phone.  I had two emails from Meta for Business, one was an ad receipt and the other was a notification stating my account was disabled and I was unable to advertise.  HMMMM!

I have received “spam” notifications via Facebook messenger several times before basically saying my ad violated policies, if I wanted to inquire as to why or avoid my ad being taken down I had to click on the link and contact the proper people.  Of course, a little investigating proved this to be a scam trying to bait me into clicking a link.  Naturally when I saw the emails today I was a little suspicious but when I returned home and logged into my ads manager within Meta, there was a couple of notifications verifying my ad account was in fact disabled.  Now obviously, if you’re trying to grow an online or affiliate marketing business using paid ads, this is a big issue to say the least.  I was very frustrated and honestly began to question if this is all worth it or not.  I mean, if one of my main traffic generation methods is paid Facebook ads, I don’t do anything wrong and they simply decide to disable my account, what am I supposed to do.  Thankfully I took a break, sent my appeal in all worked out.

The Play Is Under Further Review

Maybe I watch to much sports but I had to add that as the headline.  After reading and then re-reading my emails, reaching out into the certified partners community for advice and reading through my notifications in Meta, I simply requested a review.  The response said it could take up to 48 hours for them to have a look and get back to me.  Of course this was not what I wanted to hear seeing as to how I spend about $300 per month for these ads and two days is a long time in this business.

To much my surprise, within about 20 minutes, I received an email apologizing for the mistake and my ad was “reinstated”.  I of course could then breathe a sigh of relief and immediately logged in to Meta and verified that my ad was in fact active again.

Be Vigilant

I make this post so that maybe it can help someone else out having similar issues.  The point is, even though you think everything is working as it should, it would be easy to overlook something like this.  Your ad is posted and seemingly no issues are present.  Maybe you get busy with other things and haven’t checked your leads center or ads manager section lately.  Maybe you haven’t checked in with your autoresponder in a couple of days.

Automation is great and technology is wonderful, but we still have to be vigilant and check in on our assets we have in place.  Much like being a supervisor and watching over your employees, we must always check up on our “employees” in the online world to make sure all is clicking as it should.

Your Playbook For Progress

The Progress Playbook

So, I am sure many of you have driven a nail into a board before.  Well, you know in order to effectively finish the job you have to consistently hit the nail on the head.  If you just tap it occasionally, you may eventually have success but it will take a much longer time to drive it if you succeed at all.  In our online business, or any other venture for that matter, being consistent with our efforts is the key to success. 

In my training with Dean Holland, he reminded me the other day of how important it is to outline my plan and stay consistent.  First and foremost, we must define when we will work on our business.  Most of us have a “day job” at this point in our journey and if not, certainly other busy aspects of real life.  It is important to decide when in our daily routine will we set aside the time to develop our business.  Perhaps you can work a bit in the early morning, for some the evenings after our day job is the time to do it, or possibly you have breaks in your routine when you can focus.  For me, I have a varied schedule so sometimes I may be working at one or all of these times in the day.  The most important thing to remember is to define when you will put in the work and follow through daily.

One of your daily tasks is to work on your traffic generation plan.  Remember the traffic is already out there floating around the internet, we just need to hone our skills at directing that traffic to our funnel, blog sites, etc.

Track Your Results

So now that you have your daily plan together, it is important to keep track of the results you’re getting.  If you just blindly go out about your traffic strategy but have no idea what does and doesn’t work, what’s the point?  Within the Internet Profits Group, we have our daily tracking sheets which need to be filled out daily.  I’ve been very consistent with this but what I haven’t been doing is submitting my results monthly to Dean and the team.  No excuses, I’ve just dropped the ball on this.

I realize now how important it is to send these reports in to the team at the first of every month so the “experts” can tell me what is and isn’t working.  Next step, take in their feedback and put it to good use.  Afterall, I signed up with Dean and became a certified partner because I knew basically nothing about Affiliate Marketing and wanted and needed their guidance.  Now I am committed to sending these reports in every month so I can be better guided by Dean.

Stay Committed And Consistent

Just like going to the gym, you have to get your “reps” in.  Now that you have your times set up, your strategy in place and your tracking and feedback, you must use the feedback and remain vigilant.  Some days will be easy, some won’t, but we have to be committed to our end goals with our business and stay consistent with our efforts.  NO DAYS OFF!

Well, not totally true.  Of course you need downtime but my point is, institute your plan, track your results and ask for feedback.  Then, use that feedback to make adjustments when necessary.  Once, this is in place, stay the course and be consistent in your efforts every day.


Focus On Your Path, Not How Quickly You Travel On It

Your Path Is More Important Than Your Speed

A wise man once said that “direction is more important than speed”.  I heard this quote and it stuck with me.  So, what exactly does this mean?  Well, no matter what we are going through or trying to accomplish, we have to choose a direction to go in.  For me right now I am focusing on my Affiliate Marketing business and which path I need to follow to reach my goals.  For you, maybe it’s the same, or possibly a lifestyle change, a new job or relationship.  In any of these scenarios, we choose a path or direction to reach an end goal.

We all need to move at our own pace and not compare ourselves to others.  Some may be 4 steps ahead, others lagging behind.  The important thing is to focus on our own path, one step at a time, and never lose sight of our goal.  So, why is that path more important than the speed at which we travel it? If we are on the wrong path, not focused on what we are wanting to achieve, it doesn’t really matter how fast we progress because in the end, we are just further away from what we wanted to accomplish in the first place.  We will find ourselves in the wrong place a lot faster than we thought.

My Path In Affiliate Marketing

I started my path with the Internet Profits Group and my trusted mentor Dean Holland about 5 months ago.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect or how I was going to do with this but so far I have learned so much about building this online business and hopefully developing multiple revenue streams using the Affiliate System we have as certified partners under Dean’s direction.

One thing that has stuck out to me is the focus we must have on our goal and not to make the mistake of chasing every shiny object out there.  I won’t lie, some days are tough.  Some days I get discouraged, unmotivated and just flat out doubt myself.  When this happens I re-set my thoughts and remember the PATH I chose to reach my goal.  I must say, Dean and the other members in our group are a tremendous help with this and it is invaluable on my journey to success.

So, when I focus on my direction or path, I have to remember to slow down and take it one step at a time.  If I, or we, lose focus and start down the wrong path, it really doesn’t matter how quickly that wrong path is travelled.  In the end, I would be lost and confused at the end of my path wondering how I got there so quickly.  This is why the path or direction we choose is so much more important than speed.

Path Over Speed

From day one of my journey in this business, Dean and I formulated a plan to get to my dream of becoming my own boss.  There are many aspects of this business but for now I am primarily focused on promoting free book.  This is Dean’s blueprint for success.  Working with Dean and the other coaches and members in the Certified Partner group, I am always reminded to choose my path wisely, focus on that path and go at my own pace.

No matter what you are going through, trying to accomplish or starting over, stay the course, stay focused and choose your direction wisely.  Once, you set your goal and choose that path to success, remain laser focused.  Success will indeed find you.  Just remember, YOUR DIRECTION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPEED!

What Stage Are You At?

So What Stage Are You At With Your Business?

Starting a business, or any other venture for that matter, can be daunting to say the least.  So many things in life go through stages.  Grief, depression, success and so on.  The hardest part can be getting past those early stages.

So where do you find yourself? Are you at the I Won’t Do It stage where you just don’t have the motivation to take that first step? Maybe you’re at the I Can’t Do It stage where you basically self sabotage.  Some of us get stuck at the I Want To Do It stage which of course leads us to the How Do I Do It stage.  This is where joining a mentor like Dean Holland and the Internet Profits Group as a certified partner becomes priceless.

Once you see how your success is possible, you tend to move onto the I Will Try To Do It stage.  Here, your confidence may still be wavering but with support and effort you will move on to the I Can Do It stage.  At this stage your confidence is growing and you begin to see just what may be possible.  I believe this is possibly the most important stage.  Once you make the mindset change to I CAN do it, you will also develop the mindset of the I Will Do It stage.

So What Is The Goal?

The goal is of course to get to the stage of Yes, I Did It!! It is very easy to simply talk ourselves out of doing something in the beginning.  Change is scary, the process may seem overwhelming and intimidating.  We all have a certain desire to accomplish more, make a change, start something new but, not all of us have the determination or support to advance through the various stages of becoming successful.

If you’re wanting to start a business, make a lifestyle change or whatever, it is important to focus on the ultimate goal, stay the course and effectively move yourself through the various stages.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  I’ve heard that many times in my life and it is so true.  Some stages are easier than others but to be successful, you must focus on the next stage and not get discouraged when you come to the inevitable road blocks along your path.

Remember, keep going at your own pace and you will eventually get to adopt the mindset of I can, I will and eventually, I did it!!

Old Dogs And New Tricks

Can You Teach An Old Dog A New Trick?

We’ve all heard the phrase, You Can’t Teach an Old Dog a New Trick, right? Well, why get old in the first place? At least in that respect.  The saying basically refers to a dog that has gotten past its prime, given up on staying sharp and learning new things.  We as people do that too. 

Once we reach a certain stage, it’s easy to sit back and get complacent whether it’s in our personal lives, business ventures or our regular day jobs.  We feel like we’ve learned it all, we can’t learn more, we are just too old or out of shape or we are just in CRUISE MODE.

How many have teenage kids at home that just automatically assume you don’t know anything and they have all the answers? Our 14 year old daughter certainly thinks she has all the answers to any question there is and usually accompanies her “wisdom” with the obligatory eye roll. I have to admit, there are plenty of times she is called upon to help with a computer question, smart phone issue or many other “tech” problems I have and she does indeed have the answer.

So, do they have all the answers and are we just lost in all of it? NO! We are typically past our learning stages in life while our children are learning new things every day, some good things and some bad.  Our kids are in school, adapting to new technology and taking everything in like sponges.  The older we get, we stop taking classes, we focus on the things we have already learned and tend to stop developing new skills.  Sort of like an old dog.

I enjoy golfing, mostly, but if I take my son or daughter golfing and then one day stop while they continue to learn the game they will get better while I stay the same.  I can give them advice while I am actively playing but once I stop playing, my advice is not that relevant any longer.  They will eventually view my advice as outdated and no longer respect any advice I provide.

Sharpen Your Axe

Using an axe to chop wood is very effective but if you never sharpen it, the task at hand only gets harder.  Our minds and skills are the same.  You have to continually learn, adapt and improve to stay effective.  This is true no matter what you’re doing.

Since I began this process of building my online business it has been one learning step after another.  I’ve been learning things I never thought I would and I continue to learn from Dean Holland on a daily basis.  There are days in which I just want to kick back and relax but I know if I want to continue to get better I have to keep learning.

As a business owner, I must learn and adapt to new things constantly.  As a spouse and a parent I have to do the very same thing in order to be a supportive and engaged member of our family.  Once we get comfortable with what we have done and where we are, we tend to get complacent.  We shut off the learning process and get stale, we get dull like the axe that hasn’t been sharpened and simply aren’t as effective as an employee, a business owner or a spouse or parent.

Never Stop Learning

My advice is simple, NEVER STOP LEARNING! Our kids are in the learning process, our competitors are in the learning process so we must continue to learn too.  The dog that stops learning and developing new skills just becomes the old version of itself.  When we stop doing those things we too, just become the old version of ourselves and we don’t thrive in an ever evolving world whether it is in our personal or professional lives.  

Remember, to be effective in whatever you are doing you must learn, adapt, and implement the necessary skills to achieve your end goals.  Work hard, but don’t forget to SHARPEN YOUR AXE!




Expose Yourself!!

Expose Yourself!! No……Not In That Way!

Trust me, exposing yourself can be a bad thing, but getting exposure to YOU is a good thing, at least in what we’re trying to accomplish.  As I think of all the things I have learned developing my business, building sites, funnels, installing plug ins, setting up this blog, etc. I realize I need to master how to deploy all of these assets.

What is our end goal? It’s to drive traffic, get leads and hopefully earn customers right? So, while we have all of these assets on hand to do just that, how do we effectively get people to notice us? To even know we are there, have a blog, a social media page, podcast and so on.  I am using my socials and blog to promote by Dean Holland.  If I can’t promote myself and my assets, I can’t effectively promote anything else.

Be Your Own Promotion Specialist

So how do we go about this promoting to gain exposure? Well, for the most part it’s about consistency.  We have to provide content that provides some sort of benefit to our audience and deliver it in a reliable, consistent manner.

If you want to get your blog in front of as many people as possible, search affiliate marketing blogs, or online business blogs.  You will find a number of links where you can read and engage in blogs by those in your niche market.  I suggest you engage these posts, leave comments, provide feedback and encourage them to follow your posts.  It’s called blog hopping.  It’s also important to post your blog across as many social media sites as you can promoting your blog site.

The same practices should be in place for your social’s, podcasts, YouTube page, etc.  One of my biggest issues is finding relevant information to relay, or at least I think so.  It is important no matter what method you’re using or what exactly it is you need to say, be consistent with it.  Some days it is hard to come up with information people may need or want but if you are seen every day, delivering some content, you will gain the audience you seek over time.

Just F@#king Do It Already!

I have to tell myself that often.  Some days I think to myself, I don’t have anything to say, nobody cares, will anyone see my content or care?? Maybe, maybe not, but I know that I have all of these assets taught to me by Dean Holland, I have a strong support group within the Internet Profits Group, I just have to deploy them and do it consistently.

Just writing a blog post, making a Tik Tok video or whatever else it is you’re doing isn’t enough.  You MUST be your biggest cheerleader.  Sell yourself, your brand so that you can then sell your products.  Some days you may not be feeling it, may feel like you don’t have a great deal to offer but get your content out there, promote it via social media sites, blog hopping or whatever you have to do in order to get your content if front of as many people as possible.

Be your biggest promoter, biggest fan and biggest cheerleader you can, sell yourself and your content and you will gain a following and be able to drive traffic and make sales.


Remember To Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing

Remember To Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing

If you’re like me, it’s easy to so engrossed, so laser focused in your work that you forget to take care of certain things.  Maybe you lose track of time and forget to eat, feed the dogs, or even forget to interact with family or friends.

It’s easy to do.  Years ago a colleague of mine told me, “remember to keep the “MAIN THING, the MAIN THING”.  Basically he was saying don’t lose sight of what is most important in your life, FAMILY.  Family is the MAIN THING. We can get so wrapped up in what we are doing we can lose focus of what truly is the most important parts of our lives. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible thing to be very focused on the task at hand, in fact, if you want to do it right, pay attention to all the details and do the job right.  If you were having an operation you would certainly want the surgeon intently focused on that and not distracted by outside influences wouldn’t you?  My “normal” (and that’s a stretch), job as an airline pilot most definitely requires me to remain engaged with the current situation.

Can’t You Take At Least One Day Off??

My 8 year old son said those words to me last night.  Can’t you take at least one day off? You see, I have been intently working on our new Affiliate System within the Internet Profits Group to set up workflows, triggers, domains and sub domains, funnels, etc.  This past week has been particularly busy.

After another busy day of staring into the computer screen to set up my online business promoting , I sat down last night on the couch next to my son when he asked a question that sort of took me back a second.

When asked that question, I had a bit of a puzzled look and told him, “well we have to pay our bills so I have to go to work”.  Then I asked, “do you mean my job where I go fly the airplane”? He replied, “no, where you sit at your computer all day.  Can’t you take one day off”? I asked him what we would do since it was a snow day from school and replied, “we could just spend time together and play some games”.

Honestly, I was sort of heartbroken over this.  I had been so focused on building my business up, I had forgotten to take care of his basic needs of affection and was definitely not keeping the MAIN THING in focus.

A Time And Place For Everything

So, will just abandon my work on my developing my business, of course not.  Tomorrow morning we have another coaching call with Dean Holland and will receive our “homework” for the next week.  This homework consists of a series of step by step videos that walk us through installing various things into our affiliate system to build our funnels, etc.

I will also continue to post social media vides, get better at blogging and hopefully getting that blog out there for people to see.  I will also designate times during the day to step away from the computer and focus on myself and my family.  I may play with the dogs, catch up on laundry, call my wife or just chill out with the kids.

I have been working tirelessly to build this business up on my days off from my “day job” and will of course continue to work hard as I’m sure all of you will.  I encourage each of you to take a break, step back and remember to always KEEP THE MAIN THING, THE MAIN THING!

Slow It Down and Go At Your Own Pace

Go At Your Own Pace, Just Don’t Ever Stop

Do you ever create unwarranted stress because you are too focused on comparing your results to others or try to “jump ahead” to the next steps in your training?

Me too! As I have been going through my training within Internet Profits Group, I find that I get a bit too motivated at times and start thinking, “what’s next” and start looking ahead to the next steps before we have been introduced to them in our training.  This generates stress for me and causes frustration and anxiety.  What I have been doing is to remind myself to slow down, wait on the next bit of training, and follow the instructions from Dean Holland.

Another way we tend to create this stress is to compare our progress with others in the group.  You may look at someone and say to yourself, “they have more leads than me, or they are several steps ahead so why bother”.  DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!  

We all go at our own pace.  Someone may have more time in the day to dedicate to their training or developing their business.  Not everyone is the same “tech savvy” so don’t focus on them, do your thing and success will follow.

Affiliate System

When I began this journey, I signed up with the Internet Profits Group, trained and became a certified partner and then joined a group within the group, Accelerator Pro.  Lots of learning.

Now we, as partners, have been offered our Affiliate System.  Basically, this is a one stop shop to build websites, blog, use webinars for clients and so much more.  This system can replace programs such as Builderall if you desire as well as your autoresponder.  It truly is a fantastic tool.

I am so grateful to be involved with my group as they have essentially walked us through steps to get everything set up and continue to do so.  I don’t how it would get done without the support from this great team.  This is only available to us at the moment, however, in the next few months, we will be able to offer these services to the public so they can use this system to build and grow their business, in whatever niche they are involved in.

Slow Down, Go At Your Own Pace, Just Don’t Stop

As great as this system is, it has been a little stressful for me.  Mostly by my own doing.  I get stressed when I have trouble with the tech part of it and also focus too far ahead in my training.  This gets my mind racing trying to figure it all out before I have been trained.

We all have our own ways to deal with stress, mine, as I said, is too tell me self to slow it down and go at my own pace.  I encourage all of you to focus on your progress only, don’t compare accomplishments against others and remember, go at your own pace, just don’t ever stop and success will come.

The New Era Of Email

The New Era of Email Is Upon Us

As online entrepreneurs, our email lists are everything.  We generate leads, capture an email address, begin a “relationship” with our potential customers and hopefully make a sale.  Pretty simple right? I agree, mostly.

Who are you more likely to take advice from, a stranger or a friend? My guess is the friend.  It’s the same with our emails we send to our leads.  We must gain their confidence in us by maintaining a dialogue with them so when they see our address pop up in their inbox they don’t simply send it to spam.  This can happen automatically as well if the address we are emailing to never has any engagement back to us.

Emails to “strangers” have been shown to have an open rate of 10% or less as opposed to emails to our “fans” typically have an open rate of 30-80%.  If we can create our “fans” through effective email techniques we have a high open rate and a much better chance for sales.

February 1 It All Changes

Beginning Feb. 1 inbox providers such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo and so on will implement changes to the way they allow certain emails to reach their customers inbox.  If you’re using email to reach out to your potential or existing customers you MUST ADAPT or you will fail.

In order to not be “flagged” for lack of a better term, you must have a low bounce rate (emails which get rejected) and you must have/maintain a low spam rate.  Once these new changes take effect, a compliant rate of .1% will be the measuring stick to get your emails through.  Just a rate of 3 per 1000 of your emails getting flagged as spam may very well cause your emails to get rejected.

In order to mitigate the chances of your emails getting flagged too often it is important to do a few things.  One, don’t use spam trigger words in your subject lines (trigger words can be found with a quick internet search), two clean up your lists.  If you have a lot of people who have chosen to unsubscribe from your autoresponder or you have email addresses who have not engaged with you in months, clean those out.  If your email address gets too many spam flags, after Feb. 1 the above mentioned inbox providers may block your email entirely.  Not good to spend money and effort only to find out NONE of your emails have reached the target.

Another very important thing to do is to use a custom domain and sub domain.  Don’t use the free ones if you can (hotmail, gmail, etc.)  Once you have your custom domain, you need to authenticate it with DKIM and DMARC records.  So what the heck is all that? DMARC stands for domain based message authentication, reporting and conformance.  Clear as mud right?

Having your domain set with a DMARC record combats bad email policies you may not be aware of and improves your email deliverability.  After Feb. 1 without this you may be dead in the water.  Thankfully as a certified partner in my organization, we have been given a huge gift and have been “walked through” the process of setting this up through our Affiliate System.

So We Either Adapt or Fail

Again, Feb. 1 the email game changes.  Thankfully my mentor, Dean Holland, has set us up with the training to protect our email campaigns.

What you need to do is use a custom domain and sub-domain from which you send emails, attach a DMARC record to your domain and clean up your lists.  Search spam trigger words and avoid using these.  Also, don’t start immediately sending out tons of emails, use a warm up period and send small amounts at first.  Do not use solo ads by any means.

If you are new to all of this, as I am, and are wondering about DMARC records you can go to www.easydmarc.com and learn more.

I sincerely hope this has been helpful and you can protect your emails before the Feb. 1 changes.  I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment and visit my site www.stevenwithdean.com if you would like to learn more about my journey with Internet Profits Group and get your copy of .

I hope you have a safe and wonderful day.